Posted 2019-04-22

Soft Wave Fish Co., Lake Bluff Farmer's Market (Friday mornings, June - October)

Soft Wave Fish Co.

When I met Bob DePalma, the owner and proprietor of Soft Wave Fish Co., he was actually the second DePalma I met tending the Soft Wave stand at the Lake Bluff Farmers Market. The first was his grandson. I was so impressed with the young man’s professionalism and ability to talk to anyone and everyone (as well as sell) at a young age that I wanted to tell Bob about it the next week.

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Posted 2019-04-04

Mickey Finn's Brewery, 345 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL 60048

Brian Grano, owner of Mickey Finn's in Libertyville

When I sat down with Brian Grano, proprietor of Mickey Finn’s Brewery, I knew I had made the right choice for the first person to interview for my new blog. I wanted someone who would really take the hood off the car, so to speak, and show me how they were able to make a go of owning an operating a restaurant. Brian did just that!

As an accountant, I always start by thinking through the…

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